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  • Police fear serial killer who targets elderly is still on the loose as they re-examine ‘murder-suicides’
  • Young mum Lizbeth Flores; recent torture and murder - Brownsville, Texas - Mexico
  • Judge Justice Yip. David Yip. Tiffany 
  • Plus celebrity surprises & pod friends 

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👉Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay murder: Two men charged 
👉Teenager Rocky Marciano Price; convicted of murdering teaching assistant 
👉Corpse discovered in €35m Paris mansion cellar
Plus...Franglais fun, dildos & cooking quandaries. In that order!
  • Manhunt Part 2 interview - hunting the stalker
  • Ex Murder detective Colin Sutton who unrelentingly hunted serial killer Levi Bellfield & “The Night Stalker” Rapist Delroy Grant- who Martin Clunes plays in  ITV drama ‘Manhunt’ 
  • Johnny Depp trial  
  • Keeley Bunker rape & murder 
  • How 'McLibel' changed libel laws in England; McDonalds v Steel & Morris
  • Charlene Downes Blackpool grooming case
  • Mincing people and body disposal
  • The most high profile celebrity libel case of the century - Johnny Depp vs The Sun - Amber Heard 

We tie up the case & talk portrayal of domestic violence on social media

  • PLUS: New findings in the Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking charges saga. 
  • Interview with the murder detective who unrelentingly hunted serial killer Levi Bellfield. DCI Sutton’s character stars in  ITV drama ‘Manhunt’ played by Martin Clunes telling story of his pursuit of the killer
  • Johnny Depp trial - part 3 - The Whitney Henriquez video
  • Monstrous X-factor contestant rapist Phillip Blackwell jailed for life

@BenAndo & @mistyholland bring you updates on Johnny Depp’s libel trial along with Journalist Nick Wallis - who’s been covering it live from the High Court

The journalists provide interesting insights into balance and fairness when court reporting


Plus - Leonardo Di Pumpkin head - what vegetable would you be?


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EP 16 "Where the bodies are buried" - Trial of Johnny Depp vs NGN over Amber Heard claims

"The M25 Rapist" - Serial rapist Antoni Imiela as told by the BBC correspondent who covered case.

Interview with the journalist covering Johnny Depp's libel trial at London's High Court @nickwallis 

A sophomoric special!

The BBC's ex-crime correspondent, who covered the monsters' trials asks: "Was the wrong man jailed" for the bludgeoning to death of mother and daughter Lin and Megan Russell in a frenzied hammer attack? 


  • Ghislaine Maxwell arrest 
  • Dogging
  • Guest interview; Lady Justice Podcast
The Billie-Jo Jenkins murder, told by the BBC correspondent who covered the trial of the 13 year-old’s brutal death.
Police selfies with bodies of murdered black sisters at crime scene,
Illegal lockdown raves,
Responses to Mark Williams-Thomas #MadeleineMcCann updates,
Pig-hitting, fight club,
... and much more!
Mark Williams-Thomas on Madeleine McCann, Oscar Pistorius, Peter Tobin, Jeremy Bamber & the UK’s ‘worst serial killer’
Victoria & Ben talk about the Reading stabbings, the "Bakewell Tart Murder", people acting strangely, dirty protesting & favourite trials & cases.   

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