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Sex assault Trial - Virginia Giuffre, Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew 


Plymouth mum receives backlash after naming son 'Lucifer'

  • Vicky Ward interview, (part 2)-
  • Vicky talks in depth about Maxwell, Epstein and the trial
  • AND .. Prince Andrew! What now?


  • Paedophile jailed for having cocaine-fuelled sex with an Alsatian
  • Interview with Vicky Ward (part 1) - Jeffrey Epstein - Ghislaine Maxwell 
  • PLUS: The Accidental assassin - How http://rentahitman.com became an assassin hiring website…by mistake! 


#Ghislaine #Epstein #SexCrime 

  • Arthur Labinjo-Hughes: Dad and partner guilty of killing 6 year-old
  • Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Week 1
  • Bomb squad called to Hospital after man admitted with mortar shell stuck in bottom.
  • US teen #KyleRittenhouse cleared of murder - the fallout
  • The trial: Ghislaine Maxwell
  • The DeathList 2021
  • David Fuller: The double murderer who sexually abused the dead for decades
  • PLUS ... female necrophile Karen Greenlee
  • Prince Andrew’s US lawyers file motion to dismiss civil lawsuit against him - accusing Virginia Giuffre of 'trafficking slutty girls for sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein’
  • Ghislaine Maxwell
We’ve threatened her long enough..our special guest is …friend of the podcast.. "Glamorous News Lady!"
We talk:
  • Injection spiking: first-hand accounts 
  • Swinging, naked doggers cause chaos outside Big Baps Cafe – leaving customers horrified
  • Teachers sacked following shooting when they stumbled into wrong flat after night out
  • Murder of Wendy Sewell - Stephen Downing case
  • Murder of Lesley Molseed - wrongful conviction of Stefan Kiszko
  • Levi Bellfield, Michael Stone, The Guildford Four
  • Prince Andrew's lawyer’s attempt to end Virginia Giuffre’s current sexual assault lawsuit.
  • @ITV .. #Manhunt: ’Night Stalker' Delroy Grant caught by DCI Colin Sutton. The smash hit series is back, starring Martin Clunes - so we give you part of our interview recorded last year when Colin was writing for the programme.
  • @lindaevangelista : Supermodel left 'permanently deformed' by fat freezing cosmetic procedure. 
  • Former BBC Crime Correspondent @BenAndo gives a peek into his notes from Rolf Harris sexual assault trial
  • The magical Devon Mermaid who comes to life in the water

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