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  • Former BBC Crime Correspondent @BenAndo gives a peek into his notes from Rolf Harris sexual assault trial
  • The magical Devon Mermaid who comes to life in the water

Two for the price of none - a couple of fave interviews & story developments:

Nick Wallis on Johnny Depp

  • Depp proceeds with $50million libel lawsuit against Amber Heard saying he’s being boycotted by Hollywood

Mark Williams Thomas on Madeleine McCann

  • Hopes Madeleine McCann suspect will crack and provide breakthrough in tough new German jail
  • Convicted paedophile Christian Brueckner moved into solitary at "Germany's Alcatraz”


  • Jake Davison commits mass murder shooting 5 people including a young girl in the Keyham area of Plymouth UK 
  • California corrections officer who cut a hole in her pants for sex with inmate in front of 11 other prisoners jailed
  • Female prison guard who helped violent inmate lover escape from prison jailed

Ben Ando returns to the toilet for this latest, top, true-crime podcast!

  • Carer Murderer - found guilty of killing Carol Hart, 77, in her home
  • Former Paralympian, who superglued himself to plane, guilty of public nuisance
  • 'Covid vaccine scammers nearly got me'
  • US politician Roy Moore loses attempt to sue Sacha Baron Cohen after the British comedian used a fake paedophile detector device on him in a TV show.
  • Covid hospital numbers could get scary
  • GB News says presenter Guto Harri breached standards by taking the knee
  • Bill Cosby: Accusers speak of shock and anger after conviction overturned
  • Dozens of documents about Ghislaine Maxwell’s personal affairs to be made public, judge rules
  • PLUS, More Tory cock-ups: Matt Hancock & Gina Coladangelo AKA 'Gina Lollobrigida', Michael Gove and Sarah Vine 
  • Gary Allen: Killer guilty of two murders 21 years apart
  • Yorkshire dad facing prison in Singapore after secretly being filmed on train without facemask
  • Furious woman thrown out of Wetherspoons for wearing 'inappropriate top’
  • Victoria returns from the G7 - and dishes the dirt.
  • Martin Bashir, the Princess Diana interview and the BBC
  • Babes in the Wood victim's mum wants Martin Bashir inquiry
  • PLUS ... David Mitchell's TV rant 


  • The Evening Standard’s former Courts Correspondent, Paul Cheston, joins us again as Jennifer Johnson is jailed for perjury.

Jennifer Johnson has been found guilty of lying to protect ‘Babes in the Wood’ child killer Russell Bishop. Her lies helped Bishop initially escape justice for murdering nine-year-olds Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway in Brighton in October 1986, leading to the two girls’ families waiting an agonising 32 years for justice.

Paul covered Rosemary West, Jamie Bulger, & the Soham murders and is the author of 'The Babes in the Woods Murders'
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  • Barrymore pool death: Stuart Lubbock's father says 'truth will come out'
  • Ghislaine Maxwell pictured with 'black eye' complains prison safety checks are depriving her of sleep
  • Grand Canyon lottery to kill bison gathers 45,000 entries
  • Coldplay's Chris Martin says lockdown made him confront his ego


Massive glands and a dog with two cocks!


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